Why Did We Rebrand to Nikham Energy?

Nikham Offshore began operations in September 2013, continually growing and expanding its range of services dedicated to the Energy Industries while expanding its operations area to extend beyond the African continent.

With this growth in mind, coupled with a clear vision of the future, the company has rebranded itself from Nikham Offshore to the more inclusive name of Nikham Energy. A name we feel positively reflects where we have come from, what we have to offer, and where we are heading.

By expanding our services, we can now provide effective holistic solutions globally, making Nikham a global force and providing turnkey solutions to the Energy Industries. We are still Africa’s premier energy service provider, just so much more.

Our Current services include:

  • Manpower and Recruitment
  • Rope Access Service – IRATA certified
  • NDT – Non Destructive Testing
  • Calibration & Pressure Testing
  • Turnkey Engineering

Has Anything Else changed?

Apart from our systematic growth over the years to get us to this point, everything about how we operate has stayed the same. We are still the dedicated, professional, and dependable Nikham; you know, it is these values that we were founded upon and which we will always retain. We do have a new slogan, though, which once again solidly reflects our vision and mission: A Global Force. Your Turnkey Solution. Our Energy 

And that is what we are! We operate anywhere you need us, provide a wide range of solutions, and keep energy flowing.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Nikham understands that change is the future’s vocation and that you need to move with the times to be relevant tomorrow. So, we continue to grow, adapt, and innovate with the ever-changing energy needs. This philosophy has kept us at the top of our game and will continue to do so.