Asset Intergrity Management by Nikham Energy for the energy industries

Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS): Ensuring Unwavering Reliability

Nikham Energy proudly presents our Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS), where safety, reliability, and efficiency converge. As your trusted partner, we offer comprehensive services designed to safeguard your valuable assets and elevate their performance.

Why Nikham Energy? We help you save with advanced asset integrity management by gathering and interpreting historical reports and trends, then managing the data and making it readily available.

All inspections and maintenance interval information follows the manufacturer’s procedures and associated regulations. We have invested in developing our asset integrity management system to work offline and online.

Asset Integrity Management Services (AIMS)

Instant Reporting System

  • Advanced Asset Management
  • Instant Reporting Generated on Inspections
  • Pending Inspection Notifications Reduce 30% Reporting Time
  • Live Chat Android/IOS and Desktop Compatible

Discover Our Comprehensive AIMS Portfolio:

  • DROPS Inspection: prevents dropped object incidents, minimizing risks and enhancing safety on your assets.
  • Compex Inspection: ensuring compliance with Compex standards, our inspections focus on safe installation, maintenance, and operation of electrical and mechanical equipment in potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • EMAG Inspection: utilize advanced electromagnetic techniques to detect and assess various anomalies, ensuring your assets’ resilience and longevity.
  • Bolt Inspection: We conduct thorough bolt inspections in situ. Our meticulous examination of bolts and fasteners ensures unwavering structural integrity, a vital step in preventing failures and safeguarding the safety of your available assets.
  • HVAC Cleaning & Inspection: regular HVAC cleaning and inspections in position, promote optimal performance, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality within your facilities.
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Inspection: we identify and assess flaws in materials and components by leveraging ultrasonic technology, contributing to early detection and preventative measures.
  • Load Testing: rigorous load testing ensures your lifting equipment and structures adhere to industry standards and enhance on-site safety.
  • NACE Coating Inspection: our NACE-certified inspectors evaluate protective coatings to prevent corrosion and maintain asset durability in challenging environments.
  • DS1 Drill Pipe Inspection: ensuring the integrity of drill pipes through comprehensive inspections.
  • Pressure Testing: meticulously verifies asset integrity and performance under varying pressure conditions, guaranteeing compliance with safety standards. (Tanks, silos, compressors, and more.)
  • LOLER/LEEA Inspection and Load Testing: thorough examinations of all lifting equipment, from cranes to work platforms and lifting accessories.
  • Wire: Cleaner and Lubrication.

Our Asset Integrity Management Services form a robust shield for your assets, ensuring they stand resilient against challenges while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards. Embrace the confidence that comes with AIMS from Nikham Energy. Explore NDT and more.