Condition based maintenance

Achieve Operational Excellence with Condition Based Maintenance

One Site Visit, Four Predictive Maintenance Activities, All to ISO Standards

In the realm of Oil & Gas, Industrial, Mining and Marine Operations, where precision and reliability are paramount, Nikham Energy introduces. Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). Unlike visual inspections, Nikham’s CBM services offer safe, non-invasive diagnosis of mechanical and electrical faults, deficiencies, and anomalies, allowing for early detection and proactive maintenance planning. This key approach ensures long-term operation and safety, promoting “INCREASED PRODUCTION with REDUCED COSTS.”

Condition Based Maintenance Advantages:

  • Reducing production downtime.
  • Saving repair costs
  • Saving spares costs
  • Saving abnormal labour costs. (overtime/contractors)
  • Increasing quality control & safety
  • Setting “trends” on machinery condition
  • Advance warnings/indications of equipment defects
  • “Root cause failure” analysis

Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) transitions plant maintenance from a reactive to a predictive approach, utilizing real-time data to foresee issues, minimize downtime, and optimize resource allocation for cost efficiency.

CBM serves as the cornerstone for assessing the current state of an asset/component. Through routine surveys, real-time data analysis alerts the customer to potential defects before they lead to reactive failures (breakdowns).

Recent technological progress enables your production, planning, and maintenance teams to gradually and effectively implement scalable, cost-efficient CBM strategies

Amidst ongoing workforce and skills shortages, today’s company personnel face increased pressure to shift to proactive operations and safeguard asset health. Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) emerges as a key strategy in this transition, made more accessible by technological advances. CBM enables a shift from reactive to predictive maintenance, empowering personnel to predict and address potential failures before they occur. Regular CBM surveys provide valuable insights, improving response times and reducing production and maintenance costs. Beyond preventing downtime and damage, CBM eliminates premature component replacement and maintenance. All four engineering disciplines often combine often combine to establish an efcient and efective CBM programme.
Identifying assets through critically rankings is crucial for determining the components to include in a CBM programme

If a component or machine is susceptible to repetative failure, it’s advisable to enhance the frequency of CBM surveys.

condition based maintenance services
vibration monitoring

Precision Vibration Monitoring and Analysis for Optimal Machinery Health

Why Choose Vibration Analysis?

Vibration Analysis isn’t just a maintenance tool; it’s your first line of defense against unplanned downtime and equipment failures. Early detection through strategic vibration monitoring enables you to catch problems before they escalate, minimizing downtime and preventing costly breakdowns. Our approach ensures proactive maintenance, efficient resource allocation, and a substantial reduction in maintenance and labor costs.

Advantages of Vibration Analysis:

  • Save Unplanned Production Downtime: By planning strategic outages rather than reacting to unexpected failures.
  • Streamline Maintenance Costs: Implement preventive measures that significantly reduce overall expenses.
  • Optimize Labour Efficiency: Avoid unplanned overtime by addressing issues promptly and effectively.
  • Ensure Availability of Planned Spares: Be prepared and minimize the risk of component damage.
  • Predict Root Causes: Identify potential failures well in advance, allowing for timely and accurate interventions.

Our team of engineers employs state-of-the-art accelerometers to measure both absolute and relative vibration, analyzing these readings against historical baseline data to pinpoint anomalies. Each asset is thoroughly examined, with our findings detailed in comprehensive reports that include analysis spectrums and recommended actions.

IR Thremography

Enhance Maintenance Efficiency with Advanced Infra-Red Thermography Inspections

Harness Precision with Infra-Red Thermography (IR):

Infra-Red Thermography uses thermal imaging to detect temperature variations invisible to the naked eye. These temperature discrepancies can indicate inefficiencies or potential failures, making IR an essential tool for proactive maintenance. Our certified technicians leverage IR technology to improve reliability, optimize energy efficiency, and ensure compliance across a variety of equipment and infrastructures.

Advantages of IR Thermography:

  • On-site, IR Thermography
  • Independent analysis and Diagnostics
  • IR Certified Technicians
  • Asset Insurance Certification
  • Certified reports on All Faults


From preventive maintenance to electrical system inspections, IR thermography identifies potential issues before they lead to equipment downtime or safety hazards. It’s particularly beneficial for inspecting electrical components like transformers, switchgear, and control panels, playing a pivotal role in maintaining operational efficiency and safety standards

Condition based maintenance services in action
Ultrasound services

Unlock Advanced Diagnostics with Ultrasound Technology

Why Choose Ultrasound Technology?

Ultrasound diagnostics provide a deeper understanding of machinery conditions by detecting anomalies beyond human hearing. This early detection facilitates prompt resolution, preventing unplanned downtime and optimizing maintenance strategies for enhanced reliability.


Applications of Ultrasound:

  • Asset Integrity Management: Assess the integrity of critical infrastructure, ensuring safe and efficient operations.
  • Leak Detection: Identify leaks in pressurized systems, mitigating risks and preventing waste.
  • Condition Monitoring: An essential part of any condition monitoring program, assessing the health and performance of machinery.
  • Electrical Inspection: Detect electrical issues, ensuring safety and preventing potential failures.
Oil and grease analysis

Ensure Equipment Longevity with Precision Oil/Grease Analysis

Understanding Laboratory Oil Analysis:

Regular oil and grease analysis is crucial for monitoring the health of your machinery. By analyzing the composition of lubricants, our team can identify signs of wear and contamination early, allowing for preventive measures that improve reliability, reduce downtime, and optimize operational efficiency.


  • Early detection of wear and contamination.
  • Predictive maintenance planning.
  • Enhanced equipment reliability and system health monitoring.

Transformer Oil Analysis:

We conduct comprehensive dielectric fluid tests to assess the condition of transformers. This analysis is vital for maintenance planning and preventing unexpected outages, aligning technical programs with financial objectives and ensuring justifiable, reliable operations.

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