Manpower & Recruitment


Onsite Construction for Renewable Energy

Our teams of specialised personnel focus on delivering solutions based, process-driven planning for any renewable energy construction, installation, maintenance, and decommissioning project. We carry out strict risk assessments and conform to safety standards, ensuring all elements of a project are fully considered.

Our Project Management Process

We have a large complement of qualified and talented manpower who are often immediately ready to fill positions as they arise. With our hands-on knowledge and expertise across all energy technical functions, we will attend to your needs on time.

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Welding and Fabrication Services

  • Tower Erection
  • Construction Support
  • Onsite Fabrication Projects
  • Weld Fracture Vacuum Leak Detection/Repair in Confined Internal Space
  • Critical Weld Monitoring
  • Fire Escape Installation/Maintenance
  • Inertia Reel Maintenance
  • Evacuator Escape System Repairs
  • Ladders and Lifeline System Installation/Repairs
  • Rope Access Welding
  • Equipment Fitting
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