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Turnkey Engineering

Why Nikham Energy? Our proven track record through years of experience, combined with a multi-discipline service offering, allows Nikham Energy to deliver turnkey engineering solutions to various industries. Including but not limited to Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, and Mining Industries.

At Nikham Energy, our multi-skilled turnkey engineering teams specialise in structural steel fabrication, high-pressure piping and tank construction, as well as providing professional Mechanical and Electrical repairs and upgrades.

turnkey engineering services for the oil, gas and renable energy sectors

A Wide Range of Design, Manufacture, and Installation Services

Our shore-based manufacturing capabilities allow us to mobilize and expedite for any offshore or onshore project rapidly. The mobility of our crew and equipment sets us apart and at Nikham Energy, our specialised teams operate with a global reach; no location is too remote.

Our Structural and Piping Divisions include purpose-built structures such as Equipment Foundations, Load Bearing Decks, Walkways, HP & LP Piping, Stainless Steel Tubing and Piping as well as Project Management Process.


Start to finish we deliver a seamless, professional service.

  • Construction
  •  Mobilize/Transport
  • Remote Assembly Offshore
  • Inspect
  • Integrate
  • Monitor


Our trademark is precision because we aim for perfection.

  • Supervision
  • Project Management
  • Communication
  • Instant Progress Reporting
  • Budget Control

The Oil and Gas industry relies heavily on complex infrastructure such as rigs, pipelines, platforms, etc. The majority of infrastructure is created using welding technologies, making these indispensable to Oil and Gas operations both during the construction of new projects and for maintaining existing infrastructure and facilities.

We Believe in Quality

A lapse in quality in the Oil and Gas industry severely damages the environment and leads to loss of life and money. Welding technologies meet the uncompromisable quality demands of the industry, allowing rigs and platforms out at sea to handle the constant exposure to extreme weather conditions. Welding can create reliable, durable components that withstand extreme pressures, temperature fluctuations, weights, and varying environments.

We Believe in Speed

Speed is essential in industries that require production, particularly for the oil and gas industry, where time wasted on downtime translates to considerable financial losses. Welding is a good process when trained professionals use the correct equipment, and these benefits are most apparent during maintenance and repair operations.
The portability, as well as the ease of setting up of welding equipment, adds even more value when time is of the essence.

We Believe in Efficiency

Efficiency is key to productivity in the Oil and Gas industry. Various technologies can be applied to welding to increase efficiency and lower cost. Automation equipment can increase productivity by 35%, while other types of equipment that improve productivity, quality, and safety are multi-process welders and induction heaters.

We Believe in Versatility

The versatility of welding technologies perfectly matches the Oil and Gas industry’s wide range of fabrication needs. Most metal grades used in the industry are compatible with welding technologies, eliminating many manufacturing restrictions during the material selection.

Welding is not restricted to one specific environment, and welding takes place in various Oil and Gas operations environments. There is suitable welding equipment for high altitudes, cold climates, low altitudes, and temperate regions, including undersea operations.

We Believe in Being Cost Effective

Welding is a relatively affordable fabrication method; as a bonus, it doesn’t produce waste materials.


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