Supporting the Development and Construction Phase of Energy Projects

Our teams of specialised personnel focus on delivering solutions based, process-driven planning for any renewable energy construction, installation, maintenance and decommissioning project.

We carry out strict risk assessments and conform to safety standards, ensuring all elements of the project are fully considered. 

Fabrication & Welding for Renwable Energy Contructionre

Welding and Fabrication


  • Tower Erection
  • Construction Support
  • Onsite Fabrication Projects
  • Weld Fracture
  • Vacuum Leak Detection/Repair in Confined Internal Space


  • Critical Weld Monitoring
  • Fire Escape Installation/Maintenance
  • Inertia Reel Maintenance
  • Evacuator Escape System Repairs
  • Ladders and Lifeline System Installation/Repairs
  • Rope Access Welding
  • Equipment Fitting


There are many aspects that determine the approach taken on any Renewable Energy Welding & Fabrication project. The type of metal being welded will generally determine which welding technique will be used to provide the best possible result. There is no one single welding process or technique that is suitable for all welding applications.

It is therefor important to consider the following factors when deciding on the type of welding technique to use for your specific fabrication requirements:

  • The type of metal
  • The thickness of the metal
  • The size of the project
  • The look of your final weld
  • Cost involved
  • Interior or Exterior Fabrication
  • Onsite 0r Offsite

Our goal is to continuously strive towards exceeding global standards, with sensitivity to the local workforce we operate within. 

Our vision is to continuously strive towards being recognised as Africa's Premier Energy Service Provider


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