Nikham Energy - Callibration & Pressure Testing

Unlocking Precision and Reliability through Calibration & Pressure Testing

At Nikham Energy, we redefine precision through our unparalleled Calibration & Pressure Testing Services. We are your trusted partner in ensuring the most reliable measurements and optimal instrument performance. Our services cover the calibration and pressure testing of a wide spectrum of instruments, including pressure indicators, gauges, transmitters, manometers, temperature gauges, thermometers, thermocouples, ovens, furnaces, mass balances, scales, and mass pieces/weights.

Why Choose Nikham Energy for Calibration & Pressure Testing?

Calibration isn’t just a process – it’s the cornerstone of accuracy, quality, and safety. Precise measurements play a pivotal role in your operations. We have a dedicated, experienced team, and state-of-the-art equipment designed for onboard portability in 90% of cases, ensuring seamless integration with your work environment.

Calibration & Pressure Testing for the oil, gas and energy industries

Unveiling the Essence of Calibration

Calibration serves a dual purpose: assessing instrument accuracy and establishing measurement traceability. In practical terms, calibration often includes rectifying inaccuracies and generating comprehensive reports. Our experts analyze measurement errors before and after the calibration test to give a transparent view of instrument performance.

The Significance of Calibration

Over time, variations—commonly referred to as “drift” – can compromise results. Even the most sophisticated instruments are susceptible to drift, leading to inaccurate readings and compromised outcomes. Maintaining operational equipment calibration is essential to ensure consistent, reliable, and precise measurements.

Empowering Confidence through Precision

By quantifying and controlling errors within measurement processes, we can minimize unpredictability. Precise measuring guarantees reliability and will instill your business with confidence as you monitor, record, and manage results.

When Calibration is Paramount

It is essential for new instruments, as well as equipment already in use. Calibration intervals are typically specified by manufacturers based on historical calibration results. When unexpected shocks or vibrations occur, these may affect instrument accuracy and calibration would be essential to ensure precision.

Comprehensive Calibration & Testing Services

  • Instrumentation Sales & Certification
  • All Calibrations Traceable to ISO 17025

 Instrumentation Calibration

  • Pressure Instrumentation
  • Temperature Instrumentation
  • Electrical Instrumentation
  • Mass Instrumentation
  • Gas Detectors

 Testing Services

  • Flow Meter Calibration
  • Acoustic Emission Testing
  • Data Logging of Pressure, Meggers, Temperature, and Flow

Broad Equipment Capability and After-Sale Service

Integrity Management Services

  • Hydraulic Hose Surveys
  • Small Bore Tubing Surveys
  • In-Situ Valve Leak Testing

Elevate Your Measurements with Nikham Energy

Choose Nikham Energy for unmatched Calibration & Pressure Testing Services. Our commitment to precision, reliability, and excellence ensures that your measurements are always on point. Contact us today to empower your operations with accuracy and trust. Your success begins with the precision we deliver.