NACE Inspection – Why is it Essential

So what is a NACE inspection, and more importantly, why is it so essential for a successful coating or painting project? The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) is an organization serving nearly 35,000 members in 130 countries. It is globally recognized as one of the premier authorities when it comes to corrosion control solutions.

The coatings industry is a highly technical field which requires skilled personnel to perform quality surface preparation and protective coatings application. The coating inspection process checks the equipment to ensure protective coatings were correctly applied and will minimise corrosion risk. The focus is on corrosion control, paint application, inspection project management and quality assurance.

How do you Know if Your Project is up to Standard?

Having an inspection conducted by a NACE inspector is one way to ensure quality control. Whether your project is an industrial coating, equipment painting, or metal finishing project, onshore or offshore, NACE will be able to inspect your finished project.

What Does a NACE Inspector Do?

A NACE inspector will analyse your finishing project to ensure it is of the highest quality and that the underlying material will not corrode. Their job is to verify that your projects are not going to cause structural collapse, equipment failure, or dangerous conditions.

NACE Certified Inspection Services

Our NACE inspection services cover offshore, marine, industrial coatings and inspection projects. Nikham Offshore has the capability to meet the standards for renewable energy, marine energy as well as oil & gas components and equipment. If you would like a quote on a project contact us today.