Part 4: Commitment and Determination

In the world of industrial maintenance and construction, some unsung heroes work at great heights, ensuring that projects are completed safely and efficiently. One such hero is Santana de  Oliveira, a Rope Access Supervisor at Nikham Energy. He’s a committed and enthusiastic guy and his devotion makes him a vital part of the team.

From Angola to New Heights

Santana de Oliveira’s story is one of hard work and perseverance. Originally from Angola, Santana now calls South Africa his home, a place where he has honed his skills and risen through the ranks at Nikham Energy. His journey to becoming a Rope Access Supervisor wasn’t handed to him; he earned it through dedication and commitment. “I became a Rope Access Supervisor through hard work,” Santana explains. “Some of Nikham’s top leaders noticed me even when I was just a Level 2 technician. They saw potential in my strong work ethic. I always gave my all and put in the effort to do good work. So, when I reached Level 3, it wasn’t a surprise that I was chosen to become a Nikham supervisor. I learned a lot from other Level 3 technicians, like Johann Swarts, Brown Sibindi, and especially Rudi, who is now the chief.

A Day in the Life of a Rope Access Supervisor

Santana’s role as a Rope Access Supervisor is pivotal to the smooth execution of projects. He’s not just a supervisor; he’s a mentor, a communicator, and safety guardian. “My responsibilities include looking after the team while we work, maintaining clear communication with everyone, and listening to my teammates. I inspect all our ropes and tools before use and check for any potential hazards. Most importantly, I ensure the well-being and happiness of everyone in my team.”

 Facing Challenges with Resilience

Being a Rope Access Supervisor comes with its challenges, both physical and emotional. “One of the toughest aspects of my job is when I have a team member who’s afraid of heights and lacks experience. In those situations, I need to be both physically and emotionally calm to support and guide them,” Santana explains. His ability to remain composed in the face of adversity is a testament to his strong character.

Navigating Difficult Projects with Determination

Every career has its defining moments, and Santana’s came during a particularly challenging project on the Valaris 109 platform. “I was the only Level 2 technician working with three Level 3 expats. Keeping up with their pace was demanding, but I managed to do it. It was a learning experience that pushed me to excel.”

Teamwork and Communication: The Key to Success

In Santana’s world, success is built on the foundation of effective teamwork and open communication. “Communication is absolutely crucial. Without it, hazards and misunderstandings can arise. Only through teamwork can we achieve our goals.”

Safety First: Scaling Heights with Confidence

Safety is paramount in the Rope Access industry. Santana emphasizes the importance of vigilance and accountability: “Safety starts with everyone. If you spot something wrong, or someone doing something unsafe, it’s vital to stop the work and have a conversation. As for safety equipment: we use harnesses, full kits, and ropes that we rely on for the entirety of the job.”

Nikham Energy: Where Teamwork and Care Converge

What sets Nikham Energy apart from other companies? According to Santana, the sense of family and care prevails. “For me, Nikham is like a family. They know how to care for their workers, and I feel privileged to be part of the Nikham Energy team.”

 The Qualities of a Remarkable Rope Access Supervisor

When asked about the most important qualities an effective Rope Access Supervisor should have, Santana shares his wisdom: “Accept your mistakes, learn from everyone around you, and be honest. No one knows everything, so treat everyone equally and with respect.” Santana de Oliveira’s journey from Angola to becoming a Rope Access Supervisor at Nikham Energy is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and a passion for excellence. He is an example of the incredible individuals who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our world moving forward, even at great heights.